Gatlinburg passes ordinances to rebuild houses, place temporary structures

Aerial photo of Gatlinburg

GATLINBURG (WATE) – Gatlinburg City Commission passed two ordinances Tuesday night to help residents rebuild after the wildfires. Both are related to zoning amendments.

The first is an ordinance to allow homes damaged by more than 50 percent to be re-established, providing there are no expansions and they meet current building codes. That would require those structures to be built within a two year period.

The second ordinance will allow primary residents to place a temporary structure on the property while the home is being rebuilt. That temporary structure would be able to stay on the property until the certificate of occupancy was issued for the new home.

“You have those folks who have temporary housing units like an RV or a trailer and they simply wanted to pull those onto the property during the construction of their permanent home,” said Building and Planning Director David Ball. “Under current zoning ordinances, that wouldn’t be permitted. But this amendment would allow them to do so and would allow them to live on site until that certificate of occupancy was issued for permanent residence.”

Anyone looking to rebuild or who has questions about the process can start by calling Gatlinburg City Hall, which is where permits can be picked up. The number is (865) 436-1400.


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