Campbell County parents relieved schools closed rest of week due to illness

JACKSBORO (WATE) – Schools across East Tennessee have been closing because of illness. In Campbell County, the school system on Monday decided to close the rest of the week because children are so sick.

Parents say they’ve been making endless trips to the grocery store to pick up cleaning supplies and cold medicine, all because a stomach bug and the flu are making their way through Campbell County.

“They’ll start off with a stomach ache and then they’ll get very, very cold,” said mom Wanda Snyder.

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“I took her back to the doctor today. They put her on antibiotics. She’s throwing up, got diarrhea, the cold and it was just awful. I went yesterday to school to go get her and most of her classmates were out due to it,” added mom Andrea Haas.

The Campbell County School System says 10 percent of kids were absent on Friday. That number jumped to 15 percent by Monday and on Tuesday of this week, 22 percent of the student population was absent.

“It breaks your heart because they’re so miserable and you’re trying to help them in every way. It’s pitiful. When it hits then, it hits them all at once,” added Haas.

Parents like Snyder have been reminding their kids how to wash their hands and keep the stomach bug at bay.

“Don’t share straws. Don’t share cups. Throw your toothbrushes away as soon as you see it going away,” said Snyder.

All Campbell County Schools will be closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

“I think it’s very advisable, because they said even just a cough or sneeze, it spread to everybody,” said Snyder.

“That’s the only way you can get a grip on it. Close it down, sanitize everything, get everybody well and better and hopefully we can move on from this bad spell,” added Haas.

Over the following days, while classrooms are empty, everything will be sterilized and cleaned at area schools. Parents hoping the worst of this bug is over.

“Looking forward to the day, no more throwing up, no more runny nose, no more Lysol, no more bleach, no more going back and forth to the doctors,” said Haas.

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