Protesters to gather at Tennessee senator’s office for ‘reimbursement’

(Courtesy: Twitter)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — One week after Senator Paul Bailey (R-Sparta) claimed that protesters at the state Capitol were paid, over 2,000 protesters are expected to seek what they call reimbursement outside his office Monday.

The protesters will request an introduction to the source of his information, in the hopes of obtaining reimbursement for the cost of “exercising their First Amendment rights”.

Hundreds of protesters gathered at Tennessee’s State Capitol hill Monday, Jan. 30 to make their voices heard on a wide range of issues.

“Despite what the media may report, several of the protesters admitted that they had been paid to be at the Tennessee Capitol,” Sen. Bailey tweeted later that night.

“I think it was a responsible tweet. I exercised my right to free speech just as those who were in the capitol exercised their right to free speech,” he said.

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