Kingston couple loses more than 100 pounds in 5 months together


KNOXVILLE (WATE)- Weight loss and diet plans aren’t new; Tracy Hanson says she’s tried her fair share that just didn’t work for her.

However in just five months, Tracy and her husband Don lost 106 pounds, each losing more than 50 pounds on their own.

“We weren’t excited about getting on another diet. He wanted to support me and once we got started and it was a lot easier than we thought.” Said Tracy Hanson.

They’re using a lifestyle plan called Profile, which combines Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes with the help of a Profile coach.

The Hanson’s Profile coach, Chelsea Hagan, says it’s uncommon for couples to share the same weekly meetings, but for the Hanson’s it makes them stronger.

“To see their confidence grow in what they’re doing and in themselves. It’s really wonderful to see,” said Hagan.

The pair are each other’s cheerleaders, they say.

“Who doesn’t love someone who wants to be supportive and willing to try anything. Just his support, try these vegetables and these crazy things. It’s a journey.” Said Tracy Hanson.

Her husband, Don, says the same, “It’s hard to describe. I would definitely say she’s the best thing to ever happen to me.”

The Hansons say they have a few more pounds to lose before they reach their personal targets, but are happy to do so with the other.

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