Serial peeping tom arrested in Knoxville for violation of sex offender registry

James Bradley Josey III (Knox County Sheriff's Office)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A man who was convicted of multiple incidents where he spied or took video of women in the bathroom was arrested on violation of sexual offender registration requirement.

James Bradley Josey III was charged with two counts of failing to register a change of address on the sex offender registry within 48 hours and perjury on Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s sex offender form. Josey registered on the sex offender registry as homeless, so he is required to check-in to Knoxville Police Department headquarters once a month. However, officers said it was discovered he was actually living at two different residences.

Josey admitted to police that he had been living at Forestdale Village Apartments on Forestdale Avenue in Knoxville. After an outstanding warrant was issued for his arrest on Friday, Josey he admitted he moved to a residence at 1161 Armstrong Avenue in order to avoid arrest. The residence on Armstrong Avenue was within 1000 feet of a private school and a park, which is also not allowed for residences of those on the sex offender registry.

After his arrest, Josey was placed in the Knox County Detention Center. His court date is set for February 17.

The criminal history for Josey spans almost a decade and includes everything from theft, public indecency to trespassing. He pleaded guilty to four different incidents where he spied on women in the bathroom.

YWCA, Clinch Avenue

On July 2011, a woman staying at the YWCA on Clinch Avenue in Knoxville said she was showering at her apartment, looked up and saw a white iPhone camera peering over the top of the shower curtain. When she pulled back the curtain, she saw Josey and screamed.

“I stepped around the corner and there was a fully clothed man in the next shower stall who had been taking pictures of me,” Summer recalled during a 2013 interview with WATE 6 On Your Side. “I felt violated and I still feel violated.”

After Summer screamed, Josey admitted to police he ran to the fire escape. After Summer identified him from a photo line-up, Josey was arrested. He admitted to sneaking through a door that was accidentally left open at the women’s shelter and crawling past the front desk.

Going up to the third floor of the shelter, Josey said he hid in Summer’s room until he heard the shower. Then he said he turned on his camera and began filming.

After that incident, Josey pleaded guilty to unlawful photographing, which is a misdemeanor. According to the court clerk, Josey was in jail for a month while the case moved through the court system. After he was convicted, Josey was immediately released on time served.

However, Summer told WATE 6 On Your Side she does not think the sentence matched the crime. She doesn’t agree that the offense should have been a misdemeanor. The max jail time for a misdemeanor is 11 months 29 days.

“I know when I go to the gym and I step into the shower I’m looking up instead of paying attention to what I’m doing. I’m constantly looking up to see if there’s a camera coming over the wall of the stall,” Summer admitted.

Knoxville Convention Center

In January 2011, four months after peeping on Summer, Josey was convicted again for observation without consent.

A woman told police she was using the restroom at the Fantasy of Trees exhibit when she looked up to see Josey in the stall divider between her and the adjacent stall. He later admitted to officers that he was trying to peek at the woman.

Pizza Inn, Clinton Highway

In February 2015, Josey was caught in the women’s restroom at the Pizza Inn on Clinton Highway in Knoxville, videotaping a woman who was using the restroom.

After the incident, the owner of the restaurant, Jamie Brown, said his managers immediately called him. he said his employees were able to hold Josey until police arrived.

After he was arrested, several other videos were discovered on his phone, which he admitted to taking.

Kroger, Broadway Avenue



In February 2015, he also pleaded guilty to observing a woman without consent in the women’s restroom at Kroger, located at 5201 North Broadway.

He admitted to police he used his cell phone tot ake video of the woman using the restroom in a private stall.

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