Revolutionary treatment for young scoliosis patients available in Knoxville

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Breakthrough technology called the “MAGEC” system is helping children with scoliosis. It’s a painful curvature of the spine that can affect long term health and development. Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic is the only facility in the area to offer this revolutionary treatment.

Gabriel Doyle, 7, got ready to undergo the in-office adjustment to lengthen titanium rods in his spine. The rods were surgically put into place back in August. The rods are magnetically controlled and will slowly lengthen as a hand-held external remote controller outside of the body is placed over them.

MAGEC system stands for “Magnetic Expansion Control.” With a press of a button, the controller worked its “magic.”

The rods in Gabriel’s back were lengthened about 2 millimeters, according to pediatric orthopedic surgeo, Dr. Jay Crawford.

“We’re gradually straightening those curves, ” Dr. Crawford said. “They’re about 50 percent better now than they were just a few months ago.”

The whole process was over in just a few minutes and will be repeated a few times over the next several months.

Gabriel is relieved that he can think about other things like his favorite blue crocs he wore to his office visit. He’s grateful the procedure to fix his back doesn’t cause him pain.

“There was no other option for us, as far as I was concerned,” his mother, Renee, said as soon as she heard about this new technology,

Until now, traditional treatment involved bulky back braces worn for most of the day, and/or a series of invasive surgeries.

Dr. Crawford is joined by Dr. Curtis Gaylord and Dr. Cameron Sears in the use of this new technology in early onset scoliosis and those with thoracic insufficiency syndrome.

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