Black bear remains found near Morristown apartment complex

MORRISTOWN (WATE) – The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is investigating a bag of bear skin found near The Summit Apartments on McFarland Street in Morristown.

“Earlier reports went out that it was a beheaded bear sending all kinds of mixed messages to people. It’s not a beheaded bear.” said TWRA spokesman Matthew Cameron.

A resident of the apartment complex found the bag and reported it to the Morristown Police Department, according to Cameron. Once it was discovered there was a black bear head, tail and paws inside, TWRA was called.

“Officer [Nathan] Ripley describes it as a small bear, but over 75 pounds. The reason that’s significant is because if it was under it’s illegal to kill a black bear cub.” said Cameron.

Legal hunting season for black bears in Hamblen County is in October, but only for archery. Cubs and female black bears with cubs are illegal to hunt. The TWRA believes this bear is above the legal weight limit.

A motive has not yet been determined and the investigation is ongoing.


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