Sunbright single mom warns others about Facebook contest scam

SUNBRIGHT (WATE) – Facebook scams pop up fairly frequently and you’ll often see your friends sharing them. One of these scams was sent to a single mom in Sunbright. Like many people, she thought the winning offer was real.

There have been many interesting types of scams over the year, whether it’s the garden-variety Publisher’s Clearing House con game that goes like, “Hey you’re a winner and the Prize Patrol is waiting, but you need to pay taxes first.” Now there is Facebook contest span. For that con, the common thread is if you have enough “friends” vouching for the contest, it has to be real. So, the unsuspecting person who receives the spam believes it’s legitimate.

Patricia Dagley received a message on Facebook earlier in January. In the message, Dagley’s new friend Florence Jade, claimed Dagley had won half a million dollars in a Facebook promotion.

“Facebook was contacting 20 lucky winners and was going to give them $500,000. I said, ‘Okay, what do I have to do to get this money?’ I said it sounds like a scam.  She said, ‘I reassure you it’s not a scam, you’ll not be disappointed,'” said Dagley.

Patricia Dagley
Patricia Dagley

To keep her interested and hoping she fall for the scam, Dagley was sent photos of happy winners. Trying to convince Dagley everything is legit, she received another text.

“This is Mr. Randy from the Airway delivery company,” read Dagley. “I’m contacting you in regard to you winning prize that was transferred to our office from the Facebook headquarters office, so we can deliver it to your home address… $150 so they can deliver it to your home address.”

Dagley says she looked up the scam and found there are senior citizens who actually sent money. She also said Florence Jade wrote to her 48 times about the scam.

“I knew it was a scam. I asked her what the catch was. She kept on telling me there was no catch. I knew there was.”

Dagley knew better than to be drawn in by the scam.

“I’m a mother with two kids, I know I couldn’t afford the $150 to lose. It’s awful. I can’t believe people would do people that way,” she said.

One thing you can do to protect yourself from Facebook scammers is to double check every promotion you see on the site. Usually, if a company is promoting something on Facebook, the official website for that company will mention the promotion. Also, be cautious about the pages you like on Facebook and the things your friends share. Be wary of company Facebook pages that have few posts.

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