Snow leaves behind icy roads in Gatlinburg

GATLINBURG (WATE) – Many students across East Tennessee enjoyed a snow day Monday, including Sevier County. Parts of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park saw up to five inches of snow, and back roads caused concern for some drivers.

The snow left a coating on the mountains above and the grass and cars below. As the sun rose icy mountain roads were revealed though main roads were more clear.

“I live out in the Rocky Flats area, and there’s just been a little bit of snow out there, maybe an inch or two. I’m just headed into work. They were salting on 321 as I came through this morning,” said Colt Springer.

Slippery steep curves were too dangerous early in the morning, leading to a snow day for Sevier County students.

“They just want to be safe and I don’t blame them a bit. I wouldn’t want to put my kids on it because some of the back roads might be still bad,” said Brenda Williams.

Even in the spots that did not look too bad got cold enough to freeze over and cause some black ice.

“I was expecting more snow than this,” said Ted Carvel.

Overall travel was not too much of an issue for most drivers.

“Roads are clear. It’s pretty nice,” Carvel said. “We usually get plenty of snow but we haven’t this year.”

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