Morgan County school closed after shots fired nearby

SUNBRIGHT (WATE) – Sunbright School in Morgan County was closed Thursday after dispatch said there was police activity near the city.

Morgan County Sheriff Glen Freytag said a domestic situation occurred near the entrance of the school at around 5:00 a.m Thursday. Some shots were fired, but Sheriff Freytag does not believe anyone was hurt. He said it started with a 911 call from a woman.

“When officers got up here, they located the male and the female. We separated the female from the situation. The male then proceeded to go off into the woods and once he got there, we heard two to three shots fired,” said Freytag.

The incident prompted Morgan County Schools Director Ronnie Wilson to close Sunbright School for the day.

“Our primary concern is safety and it’s for safety each and every day. Normally if something like this happens when school’s going on, we’ll have a lockdown situation and we didn’t want to bring students into a lockdown situation it was better if we just close today,” said Wilson.

Sheriff Freytag said the suspect is still at large. He said they believe the suspect is in his 30s and from Morgan County.

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