Audit uncovers problems in Cumberland County schools records

CROSSVILLE (WATE) – An audit of Cumberland County’s system shows a lack of testing documentation for some graduates and evidence that grade point averages were miscalculated.

There were at least two examples of students who graduated but who had not taken the ACT test and one student who did not take an Algebra II test in the records looked at by this audit process..

Superintendent Janet Graham she says the ACT test was encouraged, but not required at the timeframe the audit covers. Graham says the ACT will be a requirement for graduates next year and the district’s guidance counselors will making sure students take the ACT before graduating.

Ahe says the district has developed a protocol to self-check records before graduation which will be presented to the school board on Thursday, and if approved, used going forward.

As for the grade point averages, the numbers on student transcripts didn’t match state calculations. Graham explains that there was information the district did not have when it comes to the state’s method of calculating GPA for students who failed classes and later took part in a credit recovery program. As a result, some failing grades were included by mistake.

Graham says no students any lost scholarships and there wasn’t any negligence involved. Also the transcript form has been changed to reflect that it is official and that the GPA is to determine eligibility for the Hope Scholarship.

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