Morristown Kmart shoppers shocked when police called during price dispute

MORRISTOWN (WATE) – Some shoppers who rushed to Kmart in Morristown to pick up big bargains on baby items left disappointed recently. They were told the store would not honor the price found on Kmart’s website, and when they wanted to see the manager, they said she called the police.

The women said Morristown police showed up, but didn’t do anything because the shoppers were polite. The incident happened nearly two weeks ago, but the shoppers are still upset – not with police, but with how they were treated by management at Kmart.

Jennie Williams and Nikki Seals have been busy sorting through shower gifts. Seals is expecting a baby girl in March. She and her mother-in-law and Seals’s aunt Katheryn Turner were excited when they discovered what they thought were going to be great gifts for the baby. Some baby items were supposedly deeply discounted at Kmart.

Turner and Williams said they went to, the company’s website, where they discovered some terrific sales on baby gear. The popular Minnie Mouse Sway-and-Play Swing, regular price $69.99, was listed with a clearance price of $13.12. A Disney snug-fit folding bouncer went from $49.99 to $9.37. Turner and Williams had copies of even more bargains like a Disney car seat and stroller combination.

“Its regular price is $149. Kmart had it on sale for $28,12,” said Williams.

The women were excited and said they had to go take advantage of those deals.

Turner and Williams had copies of bargains like a Disney car seat and stroller combination.

“Awesome prices. You couldn’t beat it. Most were like 80 to 86 percent off,” Turner said.

The ladies went to the baby gear section of Kmart in Morristown where they picked out the items listed on the website.

“[We] put them in the buggy, but once we approached the register, we see a little bit of commotion,” said Turner.

They said the commotion was other women – in line with some of the same baby gifts – asking the cashier about the discount.

“They said they were not going to honor the price that was advertised on their website for,” said Williams.

“They tell us that they are not honoring their prices which was in black and white online,” said Turner.

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It was at that point that Williams said she asked to speak to the manager, but was given a blunt response.

“They said if I don’t get out of line they are going to call the law,” she said. “Going to call the police to have me removed.”

They didn’t leave because they wanted to talk to the manager to understand why the store was not going to uphold the prices listed on They said eventually the manager arrived.

“She came out and there were six officers with her. They came straight up to me. I was intimidated because I was there to buy a product, I was a customer and they really treated all of us women badly,” said Williams.

It was then that Turner, Williams, Seals and about a dozen other women, they said, left the store without any of the baby items. WATE 6 On Your Side contacted Kmart last week about the incident asking why the store would not recognize the advertised prices on their website and why the manager felt it necessary to call the police.

Kmart sent a response saying they regret the pricing errors and apologize for any confusion caused. They also said the store manager felt it was best to call law enforcement for added precaution to “keep our members safe and ensure an enjoyable shopping experience.”

“The officers just stood to the side. They never said anything because no one was threatening or being loud or obnoxious in any way,” said Williams.

The women said they did not have an enjoyable shopping experience at this Kmart.

“They made me feel I was doing something wrong. I was not. Money is hard right now. I just wanted to make sure my grandbaby is going to have what it needs,” said Williams.

According to Sears Holdings, the parent company of Kmart, in the last month, the company informed employees at 108 Kmart stores, including the one in Morristown, their locations will be closing this spring.

“I don’t want to be mean and hateful because I don’t have that in my heart, but they need to apologize,” Williams said.

While Kmart did not explain in their letter why the store would not recognize the advertised prices, Williams and Turner said they were told by customer service that Kmart uses a third party to produce their ads and somehow they were wrong.

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