Alabama man spends inauguration day in D.C. hugging strangers while blindfolded

(Credit: WIAT)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WIAT) — Imagine standing in the middle of all the national monuments on inauguration day with a blindfold on and your arms wide open. That’s how Montgomery, Alabama native David Sadler spent his time today.

Sadler heads up the “Do You Count?” campaign, started to help restore hope and self-worth in Americans through faith.

So there he stood today, blindfolded and arms outstretched, and it began: one person after another walked up and gave him a hug. There was no eye contact. Many of those hugging were from different races, symbolizing a cross section of Americana, wrapped in an embrace of hope that we can be united as one under a new administration.

“Light a fire for your passion and when you do that, people will come from all around to watch you burn. So I can say this for 2017, we’re going to move around the country and we’re going to pray and hope that people contact with the message and sit back and watch us burn,” Sadler said.

The blind trust experiment had a sign that says:

You do not have to fear me, I count, you count, we count. We the people will make America greater, together.

Many of those offering the hugs were brought to tears.

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