Knoxville uncle mourning death of 3-year-old nephew killed in car accident

A family is remembering a 3-year-old boy hit and killed by a car in a grocery store parking lot.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A family is remembering a 3-year-old boy hit and killed by a car in a grocery store parking lot. Loved ones say Easton Cain was helping his mom load the car. The crashed happened in Georgia but one relative lives in Knoxville.

Emory Cain, Easton’s uncle, got a phone call at work that his nephew was in a terrible accident. He made the drive to Georgia after finding out Easton passed away.

It was an emotional time for the family but even more so after learning that the driver has a long history of drug and alcohol-related charges.

“He smiled a ton. He laughed a lot,” said Cain about his nephew Easton. “He was just full of life.”

That life taken too soon. An emotional family went to a Georgia courtroom to listen to testimony describing the accident.

“Witnesses on the scene say he appeared to be incoherent,” said Chief John Foster with Cleveland, Georgia Police.

Police have charged James “Jay” Holcomb with DUI, reckless driving and 1st degree vehicular homicide. Investigators said Holcomb struck Easton and pinned him between two cars.

“Witnesses actually put the vehicle in reverse and backed the vehicle off of the child,” said Chief Foster.

“It’s sad that it takes something like this for things to possibly change around here,” said Cain.

WATE-TV’s sister station, WSB-TV, reported Holcomb’s drug and alcohol-related charges dated back to 1998 and he never spent significant time in jail.

“We are taught to forgive but it is going to be really hard to forgive someone for this,” said Cain.

Tough to forgive but the family hopes Easton’s death sends a message to others who think about getting behind the wheel.

“They will realize they could be putting not only their lives in danger but maybe another little boy,” said Cain.

Continuing to tell their little boy’s story so this doesn’t happen to another.

“Just any little kid that is in your life, you hold them tight and love them,” said Cain.

Family said they have been getting an overwhelming amount of support from the community. A memorial service in Georgia was held for Easton Sunday afternoon.

Holcomb was denied bond and court proceedings found him a danger to his community.

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