East Tennessee family benefits from MEDIC blood donations

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – This week is Roll Up Your Sleeve Week, encouraging you to donate your blood through MEDIC Regional Blood Center during a month when its supply gets low. Many families in East Tennessee have stories about how MEDIC has helped them.

“I never thought that our child would need someone else’s blood in order to live,” said Jessica Abbott.

Her daughter, Hannah Abbott, 2, has spent the last seven months battling a rare type of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a blood cancer. She is in chemotherapy treatments up to four times a week.

“Really our whole world was turned upside down,” Jessica Abbott said.

More online: MEDIC puts out call for donations during Roll Up Your Sleeve Week

Because of her type of cancer and the number of treatments, Hannah has needed a lot of blood.

Friends and family have set up five blood drives through MEDIC, and even though not everyone has the same blood type all of those pints of blood are benefiting Hannah.

“Regardless of blood type, anyone who donates, Hannah gets credit for that as long as the person says I’m donating for Hannah Abbott,” Jessica Abbott said.

It is a credit program that allows Hannah to save up pints of blood for each donated in her name. Without that her mom says things would be even more difficult.

“Even with insurance a cancer patient and cancer treatment is costly,” Jessica Abbott said.

Through the program Hannah has been able to receive blood whenever she needs it, keeping her the bubbly toddler she is.

“Look at her and how lively she is. Your donation can make all the difference in keeping a child going,” Jessica Abbott said.

With the community and MEDIC helping them through, things are looking up for Hannah.

“Our faith in people and the goodness of people has been restored by this,” Jessica Abbott said.

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