East Tennesseans’ problems with recalled Samsung washers continue

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Quite a few people have contacted WATE 6 On Your Side about problems with the massive recall of Samsung washing machines. Around 3 million top-loading washers are being recalled because the top can unexpectedly detach while in use. Some people can’t get a repairman while others are still waiting. Only one person WATE has spoken with is satisfied with her repairs.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall in November of certain top-loading washers manufactured between March 2011 and what were then current production dates. They vibrate excessively and nine injuries have been reported.

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According to Samsung, owners of the recalled washers qualify for either a free repair with extended warranty, a rebate toward any new washing machine, or a full refund if the machine was bout within the past 30 days.

A Knoxville mother of two was the first to call about the problem. Shanika Moon’s Samsung top load washing machine is finally fixed. It no longer vibrates. A repairman came last week, days after our story aired about her difficulty getting help. It had taken her nearly two months just to get an appointment to fix the recalled washer.

Howard Rosichan hasn’t been as lucky. Despite repairs to his recalled washer, it’s still not working. Sonja Sharp still hasn’t been able to get a repairman to her home after two months of trying. However, Samsung did send Sharp two warning stickers and safety information that say to use only the delicate cycle to reduce the chance of vibration.

She says it’s still rattling, even on the delicate cycle. Each washer owner spoke about the washer’s tub excessively vibrating.

“The machine is just rocking and rolling when it’s on the spin cycle,” said Sharp.

“It still shakes. It still vibrates. To me, it’s not a fixed machine. It’s just a temporary fix,” said Rosichan.

Rosichan also received warning labels days before a repairman came to his home.

“They put clips on the inside to hold the top down when it vibrates, so this top doesn’t come off,” he said. “It still shakes. So it hasn’t fixed the actual problem.”

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Moon said the repairman also put clips inside her washer, but later when she checked, the tub still vibrated. She insisted on a second visit.

“When Lake Electronics came out, he pulls the washing machine out and he gets in the back. That’s when he discovered my dampers were bad,” said Moon.

She says she can wash clothes now with no vibration.

“It worked fine. There was no vibration, no rattling, no walking, no banging.”

While Moon is pleased, she is still keeping her fingers crossed. Rosichan is still upset with Samsung.

“I thought they were going to come in and fix the machine. Either take the bowl out and put a new spindle in, new bearings, to stabilize what they had to so, but all they did was a band aid measure,” he said.

Sonja Sharp just wants a safe washer.

“This has been going on for three months,” she said. “I want them to come and replace this machine.”

Samsung has not responded to requests for comment. However, several people have contacted WATE 6 On Your Side expressing frustration with the recall or being unable to reach Samsung. If you have time, keep trying. Don’t give up on Samsung’s customer service.

Some who have not been able to get their recalled machine say they have contacted the Consumer Product Safety Commission hotline at www.cpsc.gov to file a complaint about the recall. If enough people file a complaint with them, that may get Samsung’s attention.

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