VIDEO: Utah transportation department warns drivers to give snow plows room

(source: UDOT)

SPANISH FORK CANYON, Utah (WATE) – The Utah Department of Transportation is warning drivers to give snow plows room on the road after one of its drivers was run off the road by a semi truck and sent down a 300-foot embankment.

UDOT posted startling dash cam video of the accident to its Facebook page. They say on Thursday, plow driver Terry Jacobson was trying to plow U.S. Route 6 when the trucker tried to pass on the right and clipped the plow. UDOT says the driver is expected to recover, but it will be a long one.

The trucker cooperated with police and was cited for improper passing and leaving his lane. Criminal charges are being explored.

UDOT wants the case to serve as a reminder to give snow plows at least 200 feet of space, never try to pass them and don’t cut in front of them. They also shared another video showing a driver trying to pass a snow plow and ending up spinning out in front of the plow. Fortunately, that incident did not result in an accident.

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