Pack of wild dogs dines on peacocks, chickens in Middle Tennessee

LYLES, Tenn. (WKRN) – Out in the hills near Lyles is the perfect place for a personal farm, but a county-wide problem is causing one woman to lose her poultry and prized peacocks.

Bette Yeargan has 16 birds at home; 13 hens, three roosters, two ducks, and a lone peacock.

These days you can find that peacock, named Survivor, hiding out on top of a truck.

Survivor was one of four peacocks purchased by Yeargan late last year.still0116_00010

“Always wanted them. They’re gorgeous,” she explained. “We went all the way to Newport, past Bristol, to get them.”

They went all that way with only one bird remaining after three peacocks were picked off one by one.

Yeargan says the suspects were two dogs that were caught in the act in the peacock pen out back.

“When the little girl disappeared, the dogs were inside the pen chewing on them,” she explained.

It’s a problem that plagues Hickman County.

Another recent News 2 story highlighted one woman’s cell phone video as she and her horse came face to face with a pack of dogs in elsewhere in the county.

County commissioners say the dog dilemma has been discussed in multiple meetings. They cite a lack of funding as a major hurdle when addressing the issue.

But a commissioner told News 2 people living in the area are so passionate about the cause some are considering raising money from outside sources.

“We don’t have animal control in the neighborhood or in this area,” noted Yeargan. “They’re out of control. It’s not just around here. It’s all over.”

In all, Yeargan says she’s lost three peacocks and two hens. For her, though, blame lies not with the dogs but with their owners.

“I do blame the irresponsible dog people that drop them off,” she said. “You don’t want a loving animal, don’t get one.”

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