Maryville man unhappy with driveway contractor

MARYVILLE (WATE) – The charm of a house has a lot to do with its curb appeal, or how it looks from the street. One of the first things you notice is the driveway and whether it’s clean or needs to be repaired. A Maryville man says he’s upset with the contractor he hired to widen his driveway. Even the contractor says it looks bad.

If you have a driveway made of concrete and it’s in need of repair or you want to add to it, you want to hire someone who knows what he or she is doing. You get one chance to pour cement, but setting up the job and other aspects of preparation are important as well. Hiring the right concrete contractor requires careful consideration.

Rex Hayden is disappointed in his new widened driveway and the contractor he hired for the job.

“This has a brush finish and he brushed finished this, but the night that he poured this, it rained and washed away the whole finish and brought all the stone up,” said Hayden.

The Hayden family moved in their Maryville home a little more than two months ago. Hayden hired a concrete contractor right after Christmas after finding Joe Woodie’s ad on Craigslist. Hayden says there are multiple issues. There were supposed to be three steps, not two. Sand is pouring from the foundation where it’s not supposed to.

Hayden questions the durability of this thin layer of concrete poured over dirt. Then there is the slop of the widened driveway. He says the pitch is in wrong direction.

“It pitches back. This is high. You can see it pitches in. And all my water is running off and collecting on my original driveway because it has no where to go,” he said.

Here are some suggestions if you are going to hire a concrete contractor. Before beginning any project, a company’s first step should be a thorough examination of any existing driveway or space you plan to use for one. Make sure the concrete pour stands the test of time, your contractor should start by compacting the soil and then adding tightly packed crush material on top. The pour itself should be planned out from start to finish. It should start on a dry, sunny day. No professional contractor will recommend a pour when there’s the treat of rain, or if the ground is frozen.

Contractor Joe Woodie said he misdiagnosed the weather forecast when he made the pour.

“I have a lot of people who know I know what I’m doing. But I made a judgement call, I messed up and I have to own it,” Woodie said.

The contractor said he’d like correct the problem – to grind out the rough concrete and put a sealer down. Hayden say he doesn’t want Woodie returning and is presently looking for someone fix the mistakes in his driveway.

Woodie said he apologized to Hayden for the appearance of his driveway and said nothing like that had ever happened before. A professional driveway contractor will often guarantee the work for a specific amount of time. Make sure to get that guarantee in writing.

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