37 arrested in Loudon County drug roundup

(source: Russell Johnson 9th District Attorney General )

LOUDON (WATE) – A joint operation led by the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office and the 9th District Drug Task Force resulted in the arrest of 37 people on various drug charges and more counts filed against nine others who were already in jail.

District Attorney General Russell Johnson presented around 140 cases in December to the Loudon County Grand Jury, of which 65 were drug cases. The grand jury returned indictments on all of them, which included charges of methamphetamine sale in a school zone and sale of oxycodone in a protected zone, as well as cases of prescription fraud.

On Thursday, January 5, the 9th District Drug Task force and a host of other agencies, including a helicopter operated by the National Guard, set out to arrest 57 people and ended up with 37. Many were in Loudon County, but others were in surrounding counties of Monroe, McMinn, Anderson, Roane and Knox. In some instances, more drugs and paraphernalia were found.

Thirty-four suspects were arraigned at the Loudon County Courthouse on Friday. Officials will continue to seek out the remaining suspects.

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