New Tennessee law allows high gravity beer in breweries

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – With the start of a new year comes new laws, and in Tennessee one of those applies to craft beer breweries.

Staring January 1 all breweries can brew and sell high gravity beer.

At Last Days of Autumn there are already some new products brewing.

“The Belgian Dubbel is a Belgian style beer,” said Bar Manager Alex Chase. “The Centennial IPA has a massive hop bill.”

Among the list of craft beers on tap, two new ones are being poured. It is the first time they’ve been able to sell high gravity beers.

“It just gives you that variety and more styles to choose from because not all styles are very low in alcohol,” Chase said.

Before now many brewers could only sell beers with alcohol volume no higher than 6.2 percent. Now the law has raised that to 10.1 percent.

The brewers at Last Days of Autumn have spent months preparing for it.

“We’re going to plan on doing a lot more beers and just experimenting around like we’ve been doing from the start,” Chase said.

It is something both brewers and customers are looking forward to.

“More ways for brewers to express themselves and to make good beer,” said Lee Strange. “It’s hard to find new beers that you haven’t had in this area because everything’s been so limited for so long.”

For many it is the prospect of taking Knoxville one step closer to a craft beer destination.

“It opens up more breweries, more jobs, more opportunities. Areas in Tennessee can be ‘beer-cations’ just like other areas of the country that have high gravity beer,” Strange said.

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