Maryville woman loses uncle in Russian plane tragedy

Marina Trubnyakova's uncle, Grigory Osipov, was a soloist in the choir killed in the crash

MARYVILLE (WATE) – A Maryville woman is mourning the loss of her uncle who died in a Russian plane crash on Sunday. The tragedy killed 92 people, which includes more than 60 members of the Russian military choir.

“It’s definitely shocking,” said Marina Trubnyakova.

Trubnyakova’s uncle, Grigory Osipov, was one of the passengers on the flight. She said he was like a brother and a very important person in her life. Ospiov was not just any member in the world famous Russian military choir. He was a soloist and expected to be given the highest honor for performers in Russia. He traveled all over the world and was traveling to Syria before the crash.

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“No doubt everybody will be protected. Ninety-two people together, when so many together, at least it’s confidence… when so many together… at least its confident that all of them together will be protected,” said Trubnyakova.

Marina Trubnyakova
Marina Trubnyakova

She was never afraid about the flight but instead where her Uncle was heading. Osipov did not want to go on the flight to Syria.

“He couldn’t say no,” she said. “It was his job.”

She couldn’t believe he was gone so unexpectedly. She thought she would get another chance to talk to her beloved uncle. She is remembering him with mementos and photos. Trubnyakova’s husband received a watch from Osipov. Trubnyakova said it is even more special now that her uncle is gone.

“I am so thankful I even had him in my life,” said Trubnyakova.

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