Walmart Neighborhood Market opening soon in Knoxville

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The first Walmart Neighborhood Market in Knoxville is scheduled to open soon on McKamey Road just off Western Avenue.

Work is still underway to get it ready to open. The signage was being installed Tuesday and details were being finished. It is just a few weeks from opening its doors and putting about 100 people to work.

“It’ll be one of probably a few over time. The focus here is really on convenience,” said Store Manager Bryan Spears.

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The Neighborhood Market is a different take on the traditional Walmart many are used to. It is smaller than your typical Walmart store with a more defined focus.

“It’s designed to be really easy for our customers to get in and out. Our focus is on primarily grocery as well as our fresh areas such as produce, bakery, deli,” Spears said.

While it has some stark differences, offering mainly groceries, it still offers several of the same things you can find at traditional Walmart stores.

“We’ll be offering a lot of unique items that will be feature items, low price items initially, but we’ll have Walmart’s everyday low prices on all of our standard items, so anything you’re accustomed to buying at any of the other retailers you’ll be able to find here as well,” Spears said.

The grand opening date is still not officially set, but they are planning to have the Knoxville store open sometime in January

While this is the first Walmart Neighborhood Market in Knoxville there are a few others in our area. There is one in Sevierville and two in Morristown.

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