Gatlinburg family plans to have merry Christmas despite destroyed home

GATLINBURG (WATE) – For many people, the holidays come together in the kitchen and for Peggy Snider and her family it was no different.

“We had a small kitchen with a table that you put a leaf in, but we managed to get 12 people around that table. Tou wouldn’t believe it,” said Peggy Snider. “Kitchen was the smallest room in the house.”

This year the Sniders won’t be spending Christmas at grandma’s house.

“I’ll be spending it with my daughter, because that’s where we went after the fire. So I guess we’ll be spending it there,” she said.

The Gatlinburg wildfires completely destroyed Sniders’ home on Wiley Oakley Drive.

“The first time I drove up here I lost it. I was coming from tat way and you could see the top of the house from way back there and I didn’t see the top of my house. I kept thinking maybe my house got through it okay, but it didn’t I knew it didn’t.”

Like many other families, Christmas will be different for the Sniders this year. Snider says she hopes the other families have faith too.

“I don’t try to think about it, dwell on it much because of the tragedy of it but God has a purpose for everything so we’ll make it,” said Snider.

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