Cold temperatures and winter weather are reminders to stay safe on the road

KNOXVILLE (WATE)- Staying safe on highways and roads starts before getting on the road–it can be as easy as staying aware and checking tires.

“Change in weather, change in the temperature outside can affect the tire pressure a lot. It’s one of the most common overlooked things…failure to maintain the actual tire,” said Dustin Palmer, manager of Affordable New and Used Tires.

AAA suggests it’s just as important to know the type of brakes in the vehicle.

“Most modern vehicles have ABS anti-lock brakes. They are going to pump those brakes for you in the event that you are using your brakes and you start to slide. If you don’t have that braking system, you are going to want to break, then let off, then break, then let off,” said Stephanie Milani, Director of Public Affairs for AAA.

Other tips to stay safe: remain aware, don’t drive distracted, and keep extra distance between the car driving in front. Be aware of weather signs throughout the winter season noting ice, snow, and other dangers that might be different based on the weather.


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