Boy charged with killing 84-year-old East Tennessee woman

MOUNTAIN CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – A boy was charged with felony murder, especially aggravated burglary and theft of property after the murder of a woman in Johnson County.

Teruko Shaw, 84, was reported missing on December 6, 2015. Later that day, investigators found her body not far from her home and determined a boy who was 11-years-old was a suspect in the case.

Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece said the boy was familiar with Shaw, they lived near each other and the boy may have done some work for her in the past. Sheriff Reece said shears were found next to Shaw’s body and there were puncture marks on her neck.

“She had blunt force trauma to the face and upper chest area,” said Sheriff Reece.  “She also had a laceration to her left neck where she bled out. That’s what killed her.”

Sheriff Reece said investigators also believe a robbery happened at the home. He said several areas of the home had been ransacked, but more expensive items were untouched.

Reece said the boy is in custody in another state, waiting for extradition to Tennessee. He said that should happen sometime this week.

The boy’s family has been very cooperative throughout the case, according to Reece. He said the family moved out-of-state, so the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney’s office were forced to travel out-of-state to interview the boy and his family.

“This is something that’s never happened in Johnson County,” said Sheriff Reece. “[You] just don’t see this too much. It’s sad for both sides.”

One the boy is back in Tennessee, he will appear before a judge in juvenile court for an arraignment hearing. The Johnson County District Attorney’s Office said the boy will not be charged as an adult.

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