Parents file lawsuit after 9-year-old son injured in Chattanooga bus crash

Multiple deaths were reported and at least 23 were taken to the hospital in a "very serious" school bus crash in Chattanooga on Nov. 21, 2016. Credit: Chattanooga Fire Department

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WKRN) – A second lawsuit has been filed after a Chattanooga bus crash claimed the lives of six students last week.

The lawsuit against the bus driver and Durham School Services was filed by Monique Caperton and Curtis Poole on behalf of their 9-year-old son, who was on-board the bus when it crashed on November 21.

The suit alleges the driver, Johnthony Walker, was operating the bus “negligently, carelessly and recklessly by traveling too fast under the circumstances,” and that Walker allegedly told an elementary school representative that he “did not care about the students in the bus he drove…”

The parents say their son sustained “significant, disfiguring and permanent personal injuries, experienced pain and suffering as a result of those personal injuries and has suffered psychological damages as a result of the crash.”

Caperton and Poole also say they have suffered “extreme mental anguish and psychological damage as a result of this crash” and are asking a jury to determine the amount of damages their family should receive.

Walker, the 24-year-old bus driver, has since been arrested and is charged with vehicular homicide.

The investigation is ongoing.

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