Sibling store owners lose homes in Pigeon Forge fire

PIGEON FORGE (WATE) – Gatlinburg was not the only area affected by the fires. The owners of a Marathon gas station and the J&B Market, brother and sister, both lost their homes Monday night in Pigeon Forge.

“The smoke came, and we knew that there were fires burning, you know the Chimneys were burning. We didn’t realize the scope,” said Bob Barnes.

Barnes was back at work Tuesday. The store is the only place he has left.

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“I got home. I probably stayed 20 minutes maybe,” Barnes said.

He and his sister are also neighbors living just off Middle Creek Road in Pigeon Forge. They evacuated last night as flames came too close.

“I came out of my house and I looked and I could see that my sister’s house was in flames,” Barnes said.

Tuesday morning all that was left of their homes was rubble.

“I went to my house and saw that it was about a foot or two feet high. It was gone, and everything around it on both sides of the road was burned,” Barnes said.

His store faced roadblocks Tuesday at the entrance to the Spur. People were coming together to help each other out.

“These people around here, they’re pretty tough,” Barnes said. “The big thing was everybody wanted to know what they could do for me, and it’s kind of hard to be on the receiving side sometimes when what you want to do is be a helper.”

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