6 pies and lots of protein on first family’s holiday menu

US President Barack Obama with daughters Sasha and Malia (center, l-r), during traditional presidential pardon to "Popcorn", the National Thanksgiving Turkey, Washington DC

The Thanksgiving menu for the Obama family, according to the White House:

Hors d’oeuvres:

—mini BLTs

—chicken satay with peanut chili dip

—mini crabcakes

—pizza bites

—fresh vegetables and hummus

—pigs in the blanket

Dinner buffet:

—thyme-roasted turkey with garlic jus and cranberry-orange relish

—honey-baked ham with apricot-mustard glaze

—prime rib and creamed horseradish and shallot marmalade

—fried chicken wings


—cornbread stuffing with chorizo and roasted peppers

—oyster stuffing

—braised winter greens (collards, kale, and turnip greens)

—macaroni and cheese

—sweet potato gratin

—Yukon Gold mashed potatoes

—green bean casserole

—fresh greens and kale Caesar salad

—dinner rolls


—banana cream pie

—coconut cream pie

—pumpkin pie

—apple pie

—pecan pie

—cherry pie

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