Halls High School swim team holds swim-a-thon for Knoxville Change Center

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Halls High School swim team is holding a fundraiser called “Swim For Change.”

The swim-a-thon is Thursday, December 8 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Tennessee School for the Deaf Pool. Change Center of Knoxville Executive Director Nicole Chandler said she was approached by the swim team about the event.

“It’s beautiful that young people are taking the lead on this. It really speaks to what the Change Center is all about in really letting kids be on the forefront of empowering change and creating community,” said Chandler.

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Donors will sponsor each lap swimmers’ lap. The proceeds from the swim-a-thon will go to the Change Center of Knoxville and the Tennessee School for the Deaf.

“It’s really just something for kids to get back to kids,” said swimmer Lilia Whittington. “We wanted something we could get back to the community, but also let our kids understand what we teach them in practice.”

Halls High School Swim Coach Frank Nauss said a majority of the swimmers on the team will swim a mile or 66 laps.He also said celebrity guests will swim in relay events with the swimmers.

For more information, visit the Change Center of Knoxville’s website.

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