8 strong babies featured in Knox County Health Department campaign

(Photo: Knox County Health Department)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Eight children in East Tennessee were chosen to be featured in the Knox County Health Department’s Strong Baby campaign.

The winners were chosen out of more than 80 babies during an open casting call in October. The winners are 5-month-old  Nathaniel Hoffman-McConchie, 9-month-old Lucia Marisol Mateo, 15-month-old Teddy Spence, 14-month-old Lariah Herod, 17-month-old Creighton Roman, 14-month-old Archie Green, 16-month-old Olivia Wong and 9-month-old Ellamoura Spangler.

“We thank every parent and family who entered their own strong baby, and we look forward to seeing our local babies sharing important health messages across Knox County,” said KCHD Director Dr. Martha Buchanan.

Each winner received a $200 U.S. savings bond.

“The little ones in this campaign have captured our hearts, and we are thrilled to have local East Tennessee babies promote infant health in our community,” said KCHD Program Manager Katie Larsen. “After all, there are no better ambassadors than our own.”

The campaign hopes to improve birth outcomes and reduce infant mortality rates. The idea for the campaign came from a project by the Milwaukee Health Department. Lighthearted images will be used to show incredibly strong babies to promote early prenatal care, breastfeeding, proper nutrition, avoiding tobacco and more.


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