Veterinarians offer advice to help pets while wildfire smoke blankets East Tennessee

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – For days now smoke has smothered East Tennessee.

The poor air quality has been a concern for people’s health. It is also a concern for pets.

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Dr. Adesola Odunayo with UT Veterinary Medical Center said the smoke may cause dogs or cats spending time outside to cough or have red, watery eyes. Dr. Odunayo says while problems are short-term, older and younger animals are at a higher risk.

“Older pets, older dogs and cats just because they tend to have underlying diseases like heart disease or lung disease, chronic bronchitis,” said Dr. Odunayo. “Another population would be young animals. If you have puppies and kittens they really just haven’t had times for their lungs to form and their immune system might not be well established.”

Dr. Odunayo recommends limiting extended activity or exercise until the air quality improves. She even suggests installing or replacing air filters as a barrier from particles carried in smoke.

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