Former police chief gives insight after Knox County deputies shoot, kill dog

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The former Chief of the Knoxville Police Department reviewed body camera footage of a Knox County officer shooting and killing a pit bull, sharing insight about some of the training practices for law enforcement officials.

The footage was released by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and runs just over four minutes long.

“One of the biggest issues is that you can’t train officers for specific scenarios. You can train them for general areas but.. a dark fence gate, a domestic call hang up, been there before. It’s hard to second guess. They know what they’re thinking, then you see that dog,” said former police chief Phil Keith.

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He says it’s easier to say what could have been done after an event than in the heat of the moment.

“Those officers don’t know how the dog was trained, when really, you look at the critical part when the dogs first come out it’s that less than three second to make a decision, that’s one part of the episode,” said Keith.

The owner of the dog is planning to file a lawsuit.

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