Scott County store owner says President-elect Trump will help bring jobs

ONEIDA (WATE) – Scott County had more voters casting ballets for Donald Trump than any county in East Tennessee. Many people in Oneida say it’s because people want change.

Daniel Woods, owner of Wood’s Boots, says he is tired of the current state of the country and how it affecting his business.

“We’ve mined coal around here for years and this business relied on the coal business. It was one of our major incomes because people bought new boots, they had their old boots repaired when they would tear up and when we lost jobs it really hurt the shop in a bad way.”

Woods says he voted for Trump because he thought he would be better at bringing change than Hillary Clinton.

“I think this election you saw the American people rise up, the working class, the people that go out here and earn their living by the sweat of their brow stand up and say, ‘We’re tired and we want a change.’”

Woods says he hopes Donald Trump will be able to help bring jobs back to Scott County.

“Get a lot of these people that’s suffering in this county back to work, we’re not bums and beggars, but when you take a man’s job, you take everything he had.”

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