Knox County’s Beada Corum, 93, votes for first time, reflects on Trump’s win

Beada Corum

CORRYTON (WATE) – Chances are this election season you’ve heard the name Beada Corum, 93, the East Tennessee woman registered to vote in this year’s election for the first time in her life.

That story caught national attention when it was shared by Donald Trump’s campaign and WATE 6 On Your Side has been following her journey ever since.

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Corum says the day after the election was a busy one because she received a number of phone calls from friends and family asking how she felt after Trump’s win.

“I feel fine. My favorite president man got in last night and I stayed up all night to see if he was going to get it,” said Corum.

She sat in the exact same spot Wednesday morning watching continued election coverage on TV.

“That was a tight race. She’d be a winner one minute, then it’d change over, he’s the leader and all that and I was thinking in my mind, ‘Are they getting that stuff right?'”

The 93-year-old says she’s never voted before because there’s never been a candidate she could stand behind. In the last year, Corum has done more than just that by meeting Trump, speaking at a number of his events, and she even made the list of Republican delegates.

“I’ve been sick for the last three years, but I’ve pushed myself to make me stay well enough and live enough to see that he got in,” she said.

Corum already has high hopes.

“I believe he’s the man that’ll get in this country and straighten it out, put the American people on top, give them their jobs back, fix the economy back like it used to be and make America new again.”

Corum says she’s proud to be an American.

“This is a good country. The best country there to live in,” she said.

Corum says if she’s still living, and Trump runs for re-election doing what he’s promised, he’s got her vote in 2020 as well. In the last year, Corum was interviewed on Fox and Friends, adding she periodically gets letters from Trump and his campaign.

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