Knox County 7th graders have mixed reactions to Trump’s win

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Some smart seventh graders in Knox County may not be old enough to vote, but they had some definite opinions on the outcome of the presidential race.

Students in Amy Crawford’s class at West Valley Middle School were eager to share their opinions on the election. A majority of the class agreed with the outcome, but as many voters said during the election, students agree that neither candidate was all that likeable.

“I think both candidates really did bad things, but Trump did less bad things. Hillary tried to hide those emails, but Trump said really bad things. I’m probably going to move to Canada or something,” said Timyathus Spikes.

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“I really don’t think [Clinton] deserves to be president of the United States when she’s done more harm than she’s helped. And her husband was a good president but not many moral values,” said Jake Carter.

Donald Trump’s immigration policy is on the minds of students like Helene Hoover, who moved here from Canada.

“Having a president who discriminates against immigrants – it’s kind of scary because.. .thinking he has a whole country under his control,” she said.

Several students don’t have high hopes for a successful Trump White House.

“I don’t think he’ll stay in office too long because he’s very temperamental and he’s never had any political experience,” said Olivia Quaintance.

“I am slightly appalled just knowing Donald Trump’s views on women and as a young woman growing up in America, I think that’s kind of scary,” said Blythe Cade.

“I always had this gnawing thought in the back of my mind that Trump could win and now that he did, I’m kind of in fear because he doesn’t have any boundaries on what he will say and what he won’t say. And I think that’s going to end up being a really big problem,” said Lane Palmer.

One thing is for sure. These young people will be watching and listening.

“In my opinion, he is rich, like filthy rich. He is powerful, but I guess like in the next four years we’ll see what he does with his power and how he can ‘make America great again,'” said Priya Prasad.

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