Oak Ridge high schooler runs for city council

Mark LeNoir

OAK RIDGE (WATE) – When it comes to unconventional candidates, this year’s election has plenty, but one Oak Ridge race has a unique candidate of its own.

“My biggest thing is this town is full of a lot of older people and it kind of makes the younger kids feel left out,” said Mark LeNoir.

LeNoir is spending his senior year of high school running for a seat on the Oak Ridge City Council

“What I would like to do is offer a more youthful perspective to the city council, try to market this town as more affordable so that we can bring in more younger professionals and keep more Oak Ridge High School grads here,” he said.

LeNoir says he has a vision to help the city grow.

“I would really like to see the major parts of Oak Ridge connected by sidewalk because the U.S. Congress ran a study that shows that communities that are accessible by bikes and foot are much more susceptible to growth.”

According to LeNoir, he has lad a lot of support from his community.

“They’ve been really helpful and they are all backing me,” he said.

He’s been supporting his community by encouraging his friends to vote.

“I’ve gotten a lot of them registered. We went as a group to go vote, and so its been really fun,” LeNoir said.

LeNoir says he hopes to give back to the city he loves so much.

“I like that there’s kind of a big city mindset but a small town feel. We have a lot to offer with the national park and now the new mall, and we just have so much potential and I think that’s one of my favorite things about Oak Ridge.”

LeNoir says he hopes to go to college in the area, graduate and continue to pursue a career in politics.

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