Knoxville community works with club owner to minimize problems with crowd

The public meeting at first was very heated but both sides later came together to hopefully find a friendly solution

KNOXVVILLE (WATE) – A Knoxville community came together Monday night hoping to encourage change in a club that at times has gotten pretty rowdy and the police involved. Knoxville police have responded to Club Dilemma more than 20 times this year. The owner and community members hope there is a friendly solution.

Community members and Kevin Cherry, the owner of Club Dilemma, each gave their side at a public meeting with the Oakwood-Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association. The meeting at first was very heated. Both sides continued to yell over one another when they talked about the club.

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“Rise up against this and see if we can get this guy to move on to another place,” said Sean Wynne, a resident who lives near the club.

Wynne and others believed something needed to be done with Club Dilemma. Most of the attendees were upset about the late-night and sometimes rowdy crowd it attracts.

“I’m working with all the right people to keep it under control,” said Cherry.

Some thought it was not under control. One person told Cherry they did not want him in the neighborhood. However, Cherry said he was not going anywhere.

One person stood up for Cherry.

“The crime is still going to be there because honestly it has always been there,” said the woman.

She said the club has helped clean up the area.

“It didn’t have the lighting that it has now. It didn’t have the cameras that it has now,” said the woman.

By the end of the meeting, there was still no compromise. However, that changed just a few minutes later outside. Cherry and Wynne talked about working together to fix the problem.

“I actually feel like I have back up now,” said Cherry.

Wynne now feels optimistic about a better future for Club Dilemma.

“It says a lot that he is so wiling to work with people and so willing to listen. He suggests ideas that really sound good,” said Wynne.

Wynne liked the idea of converting Club Dilemma into a day time sports bar. They both hope to reschedule another meeting with the Neighborhood Association Board to have more productive conversation.

The Knoxville Police Department was also at the meeting to listen to the community’s concerns about the club. They did not give any more details about their investigation of Club Dilemma. However, they did say that was Cherry and Wynne are doing is exactly what should be happening. They are encouraging more community members to work with local business to solve problems.


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