Knoxville Republican and Democratic campaigns make final pushes before Election Day

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Whether it’s Donald Trump’s sexual misconduct allegations or Hillary Clinton’s emails, this election is getting more attention than the ones before it.

As the countdown begins, both candidates’ local campaigns are doing their best to finish strong.

“We’re trying to make sure everyone can get to the polls, we’re trying arrange rides for people, getting the last minute details, getting our volunteers in place to make sure we have signs at the polling locations,” said Knox County GOP Party Chairman Buddy Burkhardt.

Hillary Clinton’s Knoxville campaign is spending the last night before the election calling as many voters as possible.

“Phone banking is critical it provides the direct one to one voter contact and that will make a campaign a success and we have had so many phone calls made to North Carolina that I think that is going to change the face of this race and Hillary will be elected,” said Campaign Lead for Hillary for Knox Lisa Plawchan.

Burkhardt says the Trump campaign isn’t worried about any last minute phone banking.

“It’s a given, Donald Trump’s going to carry Tennessee. I expect that he’s going to carry it by 70 percent. That’s my prediction, just my own, so you don’t want to invest a lot of money into a state you’ve already won.”

The Clinton campaign doesn’t deny Tennessee’s likelihood of going red and plans to spend the majority of their final efforts in the swing states.

“North Carolina is a battleground state,” said Plawchan. “We win North Carolina, that’s a huge victory for Hillary, so, knocking on those doors and making those phone calls to North Carolina, it’s critical for this campaign into getting Hillary elected.”

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