Anderson County preschoolers get presidential lesson

CLINTON (WATE) – Election day is just around the corner and people are getting ready to hit the polls, but in Anderson County there is another election going on with some much younger voters.

In Ms. Bass’ pre-k class at Anderson County Headstart, the focus is on who will be the next president, but not necessarily the next president of the United States.

“We have been looking for the past year or so at how we can increase rigor more. and so the idea was to do more project-based learning,” Ms. Bass said. “We teach ABCs, 1-2-3s, and letters and stuff like that, but whenever you give kids a project and think that they can go to a higher level they always can. They’re little sponges.”

For three weeks the class has been developing presidential campaigns to elect a class president and vice president.

They started by creating four “parties,” nominating candidates for each party, and Monday they planned to debate and vote.

Eliminating nap time stood to be the most popular platform.

While it is all fun and games for the pint-sized presidential campaigns, there is a lesson behind it.

“I wanted to be able to show my kids that the presidency is a really big job and that unless they vote they can’t change. Their voice will not be heard and I think doing it this way, they definitely get that,” said Ms. Bass.

So whether it is the Ninja party candidate or the Puppy party candidate who wins the election, the goal is to teach the kids they have a voice and a right to share it.

“Just go vote. That’s it,” said Ms. Bass.

The teachers say in the past three weeks they have discussed everything from famous presidents, how voting has changed in history, and who can vote.

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