Tennessee officials release TNReady testing results

NASHVILLE (WATE) – State officials announced the results from the first year of TNReady testing after an extended scoring process led by Tennessee educators.

In 2015-16, 228,287 Tennessee high school students took at least one end of course exam, which is the only tests for which there are results due to the suspension of testing in grades three through eight. Subjects were English language arts, math and social studies.

On the three English assessments, 8.3 percent of students are considered as having mastered the exam, 22 percent are on track, 42.4 percent are approaching and 27.3 percent are below course expectations.

In high school math, which includes algebra I, algebra II and geometry, 3.7 percent are considered mastered, 17.1 percent are on track, 26.2 percent are approaching, and 53 percent are below expectations.

In U.S. history, 9.5 percent are considered mastered, 20.4 percent are on track, 34.6 percent are approaching and 35.5 percent are below expectations.

Officials say the scores can’t be compared to previous years’ from the TCAPs because TNReady is more challenging and has a different, more rigorous set of expectations.

More online: Breakdown of the results

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