Family and friends of Farragut teen killed in crash celebrate birthday

Less than a year after the fatal crash, the family is still recovering.

KNOXVILLE (WATE)- The Corum family called today a celebration, and it was, but that didn’t make it easy. Today would have been Taylor Corum’s nineteenth birthday.

Instead, her family and friends are releasing balloons in her honor. This, just seven months after she was killed in a car crash.

“A lot of people came and brought balloons and released the balloons that we had, and just have nothing but love for our family and Taylor. It’s awesome to see that, it’s awesome to see that love and support,” said Robin Corum, Taylor’s mother.

Joined in the field near the accident site, family and friends of the Corum family joined together to celebrate Taylor. Poster board birthday cards were laid out on a table for guests to write well-wishes in honor of Taylor. The Corum family says these messages are as much for them as they would be for Taylor.

“It was great and it was awesome to see how many people came out and supported us and her and all the love that was shown to our family and her. it was definitely a rough morning waking up…” said Dylan Corum, Taylor’s brother. He says his sister would call at midnight to remind him, and her family, that it was her birthday.

That phone call didn’t come this morning, but even so, they say they knew Taylor was there.

“To see an eagle outside of its natural habitat, in the middle of a rural area away from mountains and water.” said David Corum, Taylor’s father. “That’s we think it is [Taylor] and we’re gonna stick with that until it’s proven different.”

Taylor’s cousin Skylar Walker shared a similar story. She and Taylor were born four months apart and she says they were best friends.

Before the balloon release, Skylar placed a homemade cross on the site of Taylor’s accident. She took a photo and in it, a clear-as-day rainbow that she says she didn’t notice at the time, but just in the photo.

When asked how they would continue to celebrate Taylor today, Dylan Corum said, “We’re all going to eat Mexican to celebrate because that’s exactly what she would be doing if it was her birthday.”


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