Non-Trump mock ballots at Knox County school inadvertently marked as incorrect

Principal says computer glitch led to votes for other candidates to be marked as wrong

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – As early votes roll in around the country, many school kids have the chance to cast ballots in mock elections, but an East Tennessee school had a bit of a hang up causing ballots with a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump to be marked wrong.

West Valley Middle School participated in the “Every Kid Votes” program. The school’s principal said in an email to parents that it copied the ballot into the district’s computerized quiz system, called “Canvas” that requires administrators to select a correct answer.

The school did not select a candidate as correct, but when that happens, the principal says the Canvas program selects the first answer as the correct one – in this case, Donald Trump.

Students were allowed to re-vote later in the day.

“Please know that our school would never purposefully endorse any candidate and that we sincerely apologize for these technical issues,” said Principal David Claxton in a statement.

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