Crews battle gas tank fire in Knox County

(Photo: Seymore Volunteer Fire Department)

SEYMOUR (WATE) – What started out as a typical day at work quickly turned into a terrifying experience for two South Knoxville women as an old gas tank exploded and caught fire.

“I was on the grill cooking burgers and the next thing I know, I hear the loudest noise I’ve ever heard in my life,” said Gail Valentine.

Valentine and her co-worker Peggy Belcher were working at the Korner Market in South Knoxville when a 4,000 gallon gas tank exploded.

“I was in the kitchen part and came through the kitchen and I heard the noise, and I turned around and looked and the lights were falling down in the kitchen,” said Belcher.

The Seymour Volunteer Fire Department reported to the scene at 7512 Sevierville Pike. The building was going through construction at the time of the fire. The women were told to wait inside the building and were given no information.

“It was just awful, we didn’t know if everyone was alive, what was going on, what happened, just bad,” said Valentine

The blast caused extensive damage to the majority of the building.

“It’s a probably not completely destroyed but it’s a mess,” said Valentine. “Lights are hanging down, things are off the wall, I mean it’s pretty bad.”

Seymour Volunteer Fire Department Chief Kevin Nunn says the explosion raised the roof off of the deli. He said the building will more than likely be demolished.

No one was injured in the explosion.

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