Mom-and-pop gun store opens in Loudon

Big Daddy's Gun Store is co-owned by husband and wife team, Damien and Cindy Crawford.

LOUDON (WATE) – A new gun store in Loudon is co-owned by husband and wife team Damien and Cindy Crawford. The pair both opened the store with a goal: to be able to spend more time with their family. It’s called Big Daddy’s Gun Store, named after their daughters’ nickname for Damien.

“I worked for the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services and I needed a break from that to focus on my family and my two little girls. So opening my own business allowed me to have more flexibility and control over our schedules,” said Cindy Crawford.

Cindy Crawford wants local gun owners and potential gun buyers to feel comfortable with the guns they own. Both say, gun safety is a top priority and they have taught their daughters the same thing.

“With our guns, my girls know that I have a gun. They know that Mommy has a gun and keeps it with her very close. I have my concealed permit license since 2008. My girls know that they aren’t toys,” Cindy Crawford said.

Damien Crawford says he wants something to give to his girls in the future, like this business. The store encourages families to shop their all at once, children included. There’s even a wall covered in Nerf Guns for children who visit the store with their parents to enjoy.

“It’s been great to work with your wife that much and start a new business. Getting through all of the paperwork and stuff she’s able to process that faster than I would. It’s a great process,” said Damien Crawford.

The store will begin offering gun safety classes in December.

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