Former students surprise Knox County teacher with thank you report card

Thank-a-Teacher Week is November 14-18 in Knox County

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Do you have a teacher who really made a difference in your life? Two Hardin Valley Academy graduates wanted to do something big to thank their honors biology teacher who made such an impact. With the help of Great Schools Partnership in Knox County, they made it happen.

Lindsay Caves and Hope Kane came to the school and surprised teacher Michael Knapp with a giant “Teacher Report Card.”

he two prized pupils from the past gave Mr. Knapp an “A+++” in preparing students for college, and all “A+” grades for introducing students to new fields of science, encouraging them to be their best, investing time in getting to know students, and just being authentic.

Michael Knapp teaches his students.
Michael Knapp teaches his students.

“Keep up the good work!” said Caves and Kane in unison as they presented the report card to Knapp, who grinned and said, “Love it, love it!”

Caves and Kane graduated from Hardin Valley Academy in 2012. They visited Wednesday the honors biology class they took as sophomores from one terrific but tough teacher.

“It was really hard. It was a lot more difficult than any of our other classes that we ever had here,” both young women said.

Because of Michael Knapp, the two have chosen careers in the sciences. Caves graduated from UT with a degree in geology. Her next step is grad school to study planetary geology.

Kane has her bachelor’s degree from UT in microbiology. This alone makes Wednesday’s thank you all the more special.

“This is one of the best feelings you can have as a teacher, is to have students come back and say thanks and to tell you they are actually studying the content that you taught them, ” Knapp said.

Thank a Teacher Week is November 14-18 in Knox County. Leading up to the week, the Great Schools Partnership invites the community to help say thank you and celebrate the work of Knox County educators.

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