Inside East Tennessee Children’s Hospital new $75M addition

Scripps Network Tower

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – East Tennessee Children’s Hospital showed off their new addition, the Scripps Networks Tower.

The tower sits on the corner of 21st and White Avenue. Scripps donated $10 million to help build the $75 million facility.

Construction on the facility began two years ago. It features a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 44 private rooms, an inpatient/outpatient surgery center and a family-friendly environment. Inside, visitors will find colorful floors, art pieces decorating the walls and rooms filled with natural lighting.

“I’ve been here for 24 years and I’ve worked in the current NICU so this is very exciting for me,” Tracie Savage, nurse manager, said. “Babies are going to have a natural day and night cycle and that’s going to help with the brain development of those babies.”

Parents will be able to visit their baby at any time of the day and even enjoy their very own rooftop garden to relax and recharge.

“In this NICU, the babies are all going to be in their own private rooms, and the families pretty much have open visitation. They can come visit 24/7. We are encouraging our families to spend the night with their baby. That’s going to promote bonding,” Savage said.

The facility also will allow something that hasn’t been done before at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. It will allow sibling visitation, so brothers and sisters can build bonds early on. But perhaps the largest goal of the new facility is how it will improve the experience of the patients, offering them privacy, personal care and aesthetics.

“They see the same nurses and they begin to build that rapport and relationship with the nurses. We can start that trust piece,” Barbara Barr, Director of Surgery said. “What we look at is building that trust from the very beginning with our child and the family.”

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