Horses euthanized after Knox County crash

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A flat-bed trailer collided with a truck hauling approximately 30 horses.

Knoxville Police Department said the accident happened at around 8:38 p.m. Sunday about one mile west of the Strawberry Plains Pike exit on Interstate 40. Police said several horses died during the impact of the crash and several others were injured.

University of Tennessee Veterinary School and Knoxville and Knox County animal control began treating animals at the scene. Officers said two horses were euthanized at the crash due to the seriousness of their injuries. Police said transferring of the injured or traumatized horses to another trailer along the interstate proved to be too dangerous, so the trailer was taken to the Mascot Stockyard where the horses could be removed from the trailer in a safe and stable environment.

According to a preliminary investigation, police said two semi trucks were traveling east in the right lane on Intersate 40. Offiers said a flatbed semi-truck merged back into the lane of travel.

The first semi-truck was able to make a sudden lane change to avoid hitting the merging truck, but officers said the second truck hauling the trailer was unable to change lanes. Three lanes of Interstate 40 East were shut down for approximately four hours while crews removed the wreckage from the road.

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