Tennessee pastors rally against alcohol sales in Fentress County

JAMESTOWN (WATE) – A battle is brewing between the church community and state lawmakers. Currently you can’t buy alcohol in Fentress County, but during this upcoming election people will be voting on whether or not to sell alcohol there.

Because of that, The Tennessee Pastors Network held an anti-alcohol rally Thursday night to sway voters to vote no. Pastor Dale Walker has been in ministry for more than 20 years and has seen firsthand the negative impact alcohol has on families. That’s why he wants it to stay away.

“It’s extremely concerning to us. We literally care about those people. With us it’s not about money, it’s about morals,” he said.

Those who are against alcohol sales have been putting up signs all over town until the November 8 election.

“It’s on the ballot simply because it’s greed, it’s profitable,” said Walker.

Timothy Alandelk agrees it’s not good for his hometown. That’s why he showed up to Thursday night’s rally.

“Stats show that one in every four drivers are impaired by alcohol. So that’s something that we don’t need for our local children. That’s something we don’t want to see them grow up with,” said Alandelk.

These protesters will continue to voice their concerns up until November 8. Twenty-seven of Tennessee’s 95 counties do not allow retail package stores.

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