Oneida asks consumers to conserve water, supply running low

ONEIDA (WATE) – Many in East Tennessee are being asked to conserve water due to weather conditions.

Oneida is asking consumers of its utility district to conserve by cutting back on watering lawns and washing cars. The district receives water from the Howard Baker Watershed Lake. The city’s water department serves around 5,000 customers.

According to a pump operator, the district has around a 30-day-supply in the lake unless the area receives a significant amount of rain. The district may need to install another pump if weather conditions do not improve.

“Please report any main line leaks thta you may see and please repair any service line leaks you may have,” said Michael Keeton, Oneida Water Department’s plant manager. “the current water supply is not in a dire emergency situation, however we do need to conserve as much water as possible.”

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Anyone with questions is asked to call (423) 569-4008.

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